The Bubba Todd Show


Mon-Fri 6AM-10AM


Bubba Todd AKA (Todd Swofford) is a Key West radio legend. Bubba Todd has been an integral part of Key West radio since 1981. Every morning Bubba Todd delights his listeners with great stories, interviews and plays the relics of Classic Rock Music!

Key West is the home of the Annual World Championships of Offshore Powerboat Racing and Todd follows the sports closely, as he has since the mid-seventies.  The Florida Keys now has two races that bookend the season, with Marathon’s Seven Mile Bridge Grand Prix now opening the APBA National Circuit and the RWO Key West Worlds in November closing it.  Listen in to our archive of Race World Offshore Weekly and past race coverage here on this page.

Jargon used on the Bubba Todd Show

Boochi –  Cafecito (Shot of Cuban Coffee).  Often enjoyed amongst friends at their favorite corner shop, while “swappin’ some stories” (from the coconut telegraph).

Boochi Machine – Cuban Coffee Press for the making of high octane Cafecito’s, Café con Leche or a Cortadito.  Please drink responsibly.

Ham and Eggers – The hard-working men and women who rise each day and put their coverings on one leg at a time, then head in to punch the clock at various occupations in pursuit of “the ever loving’ weekend”.

Bubba and Cuz (also Cuzzie) – The Conch Republic’s roots can be traced back to a seafaring people, many of which migrated here from the Bahamas.  Also, with its close proximity to Cuba and the many Cubanos who migrated as well, Key West culture was largely influenced by both the customs of these Caribbean people.  Being a small island with a tight knit community, in the early days many of your friends and acquittances were likely your far removed or even close related cousins. Therefore, Conchs took to calling each other Cuz and Bubba, to acknowledge all their friends.