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Just $425,000.


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The legendary English fingerpicker John Renbourn died on this date on March 26, 2015. He was 70 years old.

Jimmy Page has often cited Renbourn for his influence on Page's own acoustic work,...

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The National GUITAR Museum
Sunday listening in The NGM Lobby features John Williams playing Agustin Barrios' "Danza Paraguaya." It's perfect for the beginning of Spring. Enjoy. http://youtu.be/tZrO8Px7N_M
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Tremendous footage of Jeff and Stevie Ray goin' to town on "Look at Little Sister." Jeff was born on March 25, 1966 and would have been 51 today; sadly, we lost him...

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James Wilhite Or they both took a gigantic dump
Mate Matic I was attending a rock concert , in a fan pit, when a roady came to me and asked me to move my kid away from nearby speakers because in the next song bass was going to be a bit louder...
Nick Buehler Guitar center be like "we'll pay you $60 for it, it's going rate for one we get these in the shop all the time"
Don Clark I had a deaf girl come on stage, stand next to my rig and scared the daylights out of her. I felt terrible. Days of the big rig.
Don X One-four Then there was Niel Young's Fender backline. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-MrmhVasiKAw/UHmn_7rzwFI/AAAAAAAAD0Q/6k6lQrliAo4/s1600/Neil+Young+626.JPG
John Harris Matt Cohen this is the kind of rig I'm after now 😉 x
Oh Seung Hwan Solomon ...and then the bassist woke up in the middle of set where he has zero volume
Gustavo Martins Alex Mesquita foi esse que vc me falou que comprou e que vai levar segunda?!? Olha aí maestro Djalma Wolff Monteiro
Simon Lessard OlivierBédard ta commander ta nouvelle amplis ?? Paul-émileDerome Cédric Alexandre hahaha
Keith Mark Parmesar Ashford Lee Parmesar I think that should be sufficient for you.
Taylor Allred Was this for a music video or something? Just strikes me as a strange thing to do just to see it in your yard. lol
Jireh Angeles 😂😂😂 yan ang kelangan natin 😂🤣😂 unang bagsak palang wala na mga tao sa harap.. hahaha
Koen Schaaders Jonathan je wilde toch een nieuwe amp? 8x40 doet zn werk wel
Carsten Søndergaard True words - the spring overrated metal and always Will - that ampeg looks splendid
Dudi Dio Actually this is just a balloon 😏
Wayne Wismayer My kind of amp. I have a early 80s amped with 6x10s, its got an amazing sound.
Eric Gill Daniel Batten, it's all about appearances man....I found that Ampeg you've been looking for.
Jorge Agudo Jiménez David Bernal esto necesitas, una buena torre de graves jajajajaja
Nik Essa Cam Hunt Nick Johnston his body evaporated and he was never heard from again
Alex Yapou Haag Théo Razafimbelo Kaféodio ça éviterais tes "non mais je vous jure, je m'entend pas" 😬
Mark Betterly I'm bringing that to the next gig!!! Can never have too much bass.
Drews Anderson Freire in I hurry I read "Mankind in front of the amp was never seen again" and it made sense..
Brian Bentley they found them in the next suberb theyd crapped themselves and are suffering from tinnitinitus}
Jeremy Amirault Sean un jour on jouera avec des ampli aussi gros😂
Sam Morgan We cool anyway 😭😷😢😢😢
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Texas police officer narrowly dodges charging cow

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Monday, March 27th, 2017

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JIMMY PADGET - Irish Kevin's

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