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Hoebee In The Afternoon Experiment
Weekdays 2 – 7 PM

Hi, I’m Bill Hoebee! I’m from North Jersey, but I’ve been in Florida for the last 30 years. I’m the only blonde, blue eyed member of the immediate family. Leading many to refer to me as the “Milk Man’s Baby” (For you younger people out there, the milk used to be delivered to the house.)
I’ve worked in radio, television, hosting events and column writing for many years. I have received professional training for none of those jobs.(You can probably tell) I spent most of the 70s and 80s as a student, athlete, rock musician and carpenter.
I can’t tell you how many people from my past have said “You’re just like you were as a kid or you have the perfect job for your crazy brain”. I have been blessed to work with so many fun weirdos over my career. I look forward everyday to creating with Carolyn and Scottish Joe a show like no other (we hope) and I’m so happy that most people have enjoyed and supported our originality…sometimes controversial, silly and even on rare occasions serious news. (Not a lot of them).
I sincerely hope we’ve been able to help you get a small distraction and smile during this crazy ass pandemic. Stay safe, thanks for listening and most importantly stay weird.

Call: 305-453-1031


Hoebee’s Crew:

Carolyn G

Originally from the Northeast Tri-State area, Carolyn fell in love with Key West at the age of sixteen when visiting with her family. She told herself then, that Key West, would become her home one day. In January 2004, Carolyn and her brother Snacky Gleason, packed up and headed south. Carolyn was ready for the adventures of Key West and what direction the island life would take her. She has done pretty much everything in town from water sports mate, General Manager of restaurants, wedding planner, concert promoter, band booking agent, bartender, business owner, philanthropist, artist, and radio personality.
In 2009 Carolyn finally put her Villanova University communications degree to use and joined the WAIL 99.5 FM family producing the Hoebee in the Afternoon Experiment. Carolyn and Hoebee have been together on and off throughout the past decade and plan on being weird together for many more years.

Scottish Joe

Scottish Joe is from Scotland and his real name is Jonathan…confusing we know. The Scotsman joined the experiment years ago and then took a break to try living in the Virgin Islands. He was there until a hurricane blew him back to the Florida Keys. Scottish Joe spends his time with his furry sidekick, Spud and getting a snootful at local watering holes. Keep an eye out for him at your local watering hole…hint hint he will be the one talking Scottish with a hefty snootful.

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