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Hi. I’m Bill Hoebee and if nothing else, our show is ORIGINAL.  If you have nothing better to, do listen in the afternoon…it’s kind of like a train wreck for your ears and mind.  My hobbies include identifying shiny objects, short walks on the beach, drinking, and keeping my 14 year relationship with my imaginary girlfriend alive.  My favorite movies are “Spinal Tap” and any movie that begins with the words, “Ernest Goes to…”  I mostly eat grape ice-pops and pie. I love my family, friends, watching t.v., and most of all…being a giant smart-ass for pay.

Call: 305-453-1031


Hoebee’s Crew:

The Bird


The top hat toting, titan of tom foolery, it’s the Bird! Born and raised in Key West, this pyromaniac loves hard drinkin, heavy metal and riding his motorcycle. He’s just another psycho that happened to wander into the studio one day but Hoebee and the rest of the crew liked him enough that he has stuck around for the past few years. Love him or hate him, he’ll be around for a while so I guess you’ll just have to get used to him.\

Mel T

Smoking Hot Babe!


Mel T, the Mosh Pit Queen, is a Jersey Chic from South Florida. Formerly a Radio Personality in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, she now resides and bartends in Key West. She was a Tour Manager for a record label in California and produced concerts and events in South Florida. Aside from Rockin’ the airwaves, Mel T also hosts Tattoo Conventions throughout Florida to raise funds for the Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital and many other foundations.



"Hoebee in the Afternoon""Hoebee in the Afternoon" added 2 new photos.Wednesday, July 18th, 2018 at 4:26pm

Remember when the Lord of Laziness, the Bird, did the show in his underwear from the floor? Well here is our new friend Pee Bowl Brison working harder than the Turd ever did... From the floor.

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Your last chance to vote for your favorite local businesses and people is Today and Tomorrow!!! Get online and vote! Go to WAIL995.COM and click on the Bubba link in the top right corner of the page. Make sure to vote for Bill Hoebee and...

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World famous, most collected living Artist, Wyland, the Artist of the Sea, drew a Mermaid outline and autographed it on Mel T's leg, on Friday Night at the Wyland Galleries in Key West. Then Mel T went to Delray Bch, on Saturday, where her boy...

"Hoebee in the Afternoon"Monday, July 9th, 2018 at 2:26pm

Mel T representing National No Bra Day!

"Hoebee in the Afternoon""Hoebee in the Afternoon" is at Wyland Galleries of Key West, Inc.Friday, July 6th, 2018 at 6:26pm

The world famous, most collected living artist, Wyland, is LIVE at his gallery in Key West NOW till 10 p.m. Mel T will be there at 8 p.m. and Wyland will draw a Mermaid on her body. Tomorrow at Noon, Mel T will be at...

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As promised, pics of Mel T and friends on 4th of July, before and after getting escorted out of the Casa Marina! We found a Unicorn!!!